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For one coal miner's daughter, America's biggest ever climate law can't come soon enough


It's the biggest piece of climate legislation in U.S. history promising nearly $370 billion in clean energy incentives. 

And for Keena Mullins, who comes from a long line of coal mining families, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which President Biden signed into law this week, can't come soon enough. 


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“We’re on a mission to make sure central Appalachia plays just as important a role in America’s energy future as we did in our country’s past,” says Mullins, who helped co-found a solar installation company in her home state of West Virginia.

The act would provide more than $135 billion in clean energy tax credits to ramp up solar and wind production and energy storage on the grid. By providing at least a 10-year extension on these tax credits the package also gives renewable energy producers such as Mullins the long-term economic certainty they need to build their businesses. 

The bill will be the largest investment in combating climate change ever passed in the U.S.

Hope for a warming planet

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