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About us

Vital Signs stories are inspired by the work of leading global nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund. EDF creates bold, game-changing climate solutions to build a vital Earth, for everyone. 

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Vital Signs journalists operate at the leading edge of environmental action to bring you authoritative, intelligent analysis and uplifting, solutions-focused journalism. Our stories are rigorously reported and independently fact-checked. 

We feature the people creating positive environmental change. We talk to farmers, fishers, businesses, lawmakers and frontline communities, as well as the world’s leading experts in environmental law, science, policy and economics, both within and outside EDF.

With clear-eyed reporting, helpful explainers, galvanizing videos, green living tips and more, Vital Signs helps you understand the causes and challenges of climate change and the power of climate solutions. 

From the heart of the rainforest to the depths of the oceans, we take the pulse of the planet to bring you stories that will make you think and give you hope.

Hope for a warming planet

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Meet the team

  • Mia Bechak headshot
    Senior Social Media Editor

    Mia Bechak

    Mia does social media and is from Pittsburgh. She says this makes her a Yinzfluencer.

  • Elena Berryman headshot
    Social media editor

    Elena Berryman

    An avid foodie, Elena enjoys the DC food scene and loves perfecting recipes. You have to try her birria chicken tacos. 

  • Jordon Brown headshot — it kind of looks like he is saying the punchline to one of his phenomenal jokes
    Digital Production Editor

    Jordon Brown

    If you read an article on this site, Jordon probably published it. He is a PhD dropout, lives just outside of Austin and loves comic books.

  • Tom Clynes headshot
    Contributing writer

    Tom Clynes

    Tom is an award-winning environmental journalist. Curiosity has taken him to some of the world's most remote and intriguing places.  

  • Joanna Foster headshot
    Contributing writer

    Joanna Foster

    After a few close encounters with safari ants in East Africa, Joanna redirected her career path from field biology to science journalism.

  • Liz Galst headshot

    Liz Galst

    An award-winning writer, Liz shepherds Vital Sign’s Go Green section. Besides parenting, swimming in crystal-clear lakes is her big thing. 

  • Vanessa Glavinskas headshot

    Vanessa Glavinskas

    Vanessa has reported in 10 countries and is an Eddie award winner. She’s always trying to convince her family to adopt another dog.

  • Colleen Jones headshot
    Senior Project Manager

    Colleen Jones

    Colleen has been steering hydra-like projects to completion for over 20 years. Her superpower is smiling through it all. 

  • Sam Kennard headshot
    Senior Web Developer

    Sam Kennard

    Sam is a budding gardener who has never met a plant that she hasn't tried to propagate.

  • Tasha Kosviner headshot
    Editor in chief

    Tasha Kosviner

    A former UK investigative journalist, Tasha is still more tom-ah-to than tom-ay-to. She loves cats, carbs, hot yoga and cold mountains.

  • Shanti Menon headshot
    Features editor

    Shanti Menon

    Shanti has been a science and environmental writer for more than 25 years. She lives in New York City and enjoys leaving. 

  • Mohammad Shahhosseini headshot
    Video producer

    Mohammad Shahhosseini

    Mohammad creates short documentaries and explainer videos. He has recently ventured into baking bread, although the results are not yet Instagramable. 

  • Paula Trotto headshot
    Photo Project Manager

    Paula Trotto

    Paula is a Webby-award winning visual content researcher, editor and producer. She has a capybara photo for (almost) every story.

  • Leslie Von Pless underwater with a snorkel and goggles and breathing apparatus on which is apparently her headshot
    Senior Videographer/Photographer

    Leslie Von Pless

    Leslie scours the globe seeking stories that will help us build a better world. Her favorite place to be on the planet is underwater. 

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