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This week’s good climate news


New tool shows where climate action is needed

An overhead shot of homes that have been entirely flooded by water

Environmental Defense Fund and Texas A&M University developed a comprehensive environmental justice mapping tool to pinpoint long-term health, social, environmental and economic conditions that shape a community’s ability to withstand hotter heat waves, drier droughts and other increasing climate threats. 

The U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index offers a robust look at data at the neighborhood level — so policymakers and communities themselves can take action

Arizona roadways get needed overhaul

A desert landscape rife with cacti because what else could it be when the story is about Arizona?

Thanks to the U.S. Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Arizona will receive $1 billion in funding for highways, bridges and a statewide electric vehicle network. The majority of the money comes from the Federal-Aid Highway Appointments, which include new climate mitigation and resilience programs.

Investments like electric vehicle charging networks deliver climate benefits to states and build a stronger, healthier future.

Japan to add $1.1 billion to UN climate fund 

The Hiroshima Peace Park in Tokyo

Japan pledged $1.1 billion for the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund, making the country one of the fund’s largest contributors. The current round of fundraising for the U.N.’s climate fund will support projects in climate-vulnerable countries across the globe from 2024-27. The goal is to exceed the $10 billion raised in the last round. 

Only Germany, Britain and France have committed more money to the fund.

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