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This week’s good climate news


Youths! win landmark climate decision

A group of youths celebrating after a historic climate court win in Montana

In a historic climate win, a Montana judge ruled in favor of young climate activists following the first-ever constitutional climate trial in the U.S. The court found that provisions in the Montana Environmental Policy Act violated young people's right to a “clean and healthful environment” which is guaranteed by the state's constitution.

The case will likely face appeal at the state Supreme Court, but experts believe this decision could drive a wave of similar cases to be brought across the U.S.

Awooo — new pack of wolves discovered

Some gray wolf cubs playing and how could wolves be dangerous when they're this cute?

A new pack of endangered gray wolves with at least four pups was recently discovered in California. Confirmed by the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife, this incredible finding showcases the resilience of the grey wolf population as conservationists fight for wolf protection. 

Gray wolves were nearly driven to extinction in California in the 20th century, but recent decades have seen state and federal protections helping bring back the wolf population.

Happy birthday, Inflation Reduction Act 

The White House under a blue sky

This week marked the first anniversary of the historic Inflation Reduction Act. Since the climate law's passage a year ago in the U.S., we’ve seen green job growth, renewable energy growth and much more progress on climate, signaling the clean energy plan is working.  

How can you make the Inflation Reduction Act work for you? Here are eight ways it can save you money. And here are five other major environmental laws around the world we can celebrate.

US to electrify tribal communities

The Santa Fe skyline

The U.S. Interior Department introduced an innovative program to bring power to Native American homes on Tuesday. With an initial investment of $72.5 million, part of a larger $150 million effort, this program aims to drive solutions for decades of inadequate infrastructure in tribal communities.

A report in 2022 found that 17,000 tribal homes did not have electricity. These infrastructure improvements seek to help electrify those homes on tribal lands. 

Hope for a warming planet

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