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Be a follower: 5 climate change influencers on TikTok to keep you hopeful and informed


With more than a billion global monthly users, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular places to be online. While the app became popular for its dancing youths and short-form comedy videos, there is now no shortage of topics under discussion, including climate science.

With 34 million videos uploaded to TikTok every day, finding the right starting point can be daunting. We’re here to help you skip to the good part and find the climate expertise that matters.

Here are five TikTok accounts delivering the good science on climate:

Wawa Gatheru’s environmental justice

As a first-generation American, whose parents immigrated from Kenya, Wawa Gatheru centers her stories on the disproportionate impacts of climate change on communities of color.

A Rhodes Scholar, Gatheru founded the advocacy organization Black Girl Environmentalist. The group started as an online space but has expanded to in-person gatherings to provide girls, women and nonbinary people with networking and mentorship opportunities in environmental spaces.  

Some of Gatheru’s most popular posts include calls for funding local organizations and a rejection of climate doomism. Getting the fight against climate change right means having a focus on environmental justice.

@wawagatheru Here’s to breaking down barriers #blackhistorymonth #environmentaljustice #blackenvironmentalist #billieeilish ♬ ceilings - Sped Up Version - Lizzy McAlpine

Hank Green’s weird world 

You likely already know Hank Green as a New York Times bestselling author, brother of an author (John), YouTuber or science communicator and educator. But Green has carved out a section of TikTok for himself as well.

Green shares a lot, including insights into his recent journey through chemotherapy, delivered in his trademark style of your silly, smart, cool uncle. But it's his climate science videos that we're here to talk about. Like this video explaining the truth about about rising ocean temperatures. Or this hopeful take on reducing greenhouse gases:

@hankgreen1 #climatechange #hope (posted by @Payton Mitchell ♬ original sound - Hank Green

Hazel Thayer’s economics of the climate

Hazel Thayer uses her degree in economics and her biting sense of humor to counteract climate anxiety. She points out the absurdities in climate misinformation because laughing at the lies helps her cope. But she also is a strong advocate for solutions to the climate crisis.

She has championed the effective but unsexy topic of carbon taxation noting that while we agree there is a crisis, not everyone knows what to do to fix it. The not-so-subtle subtext? Understanding a problem is the first step to solving it. 

 “If we want to actually solve the climate crisis, we have to learn about the solutions, then talk about them and demand them,” Thayer says.  

@hazelisonline It’s time for you to put down the metal straws and get involved. More on effective policies: @hazelisonline #capitalism #climatechange #climatecrisis #climateaction #politics #economics #sustainable #ecofriendly ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

U.N. Climate Action makes it official

The verified account for the United Nations, U.N. Climate Action gives the inside scoop on the latest climate news from the biggest stages in the world. You can expect highlights from the world’s biggest gatherings on climate and voices from around the globe.

They even have a helpful guide if you’re interested in being a science communicator yourself. And with COP28 just around the corner, it is a great place to see behind the scenes at the world’s biggest climate conference. 

@unclimatechange Around +190 countries have gathered at #COP27 ♬ Sunrise - Official Sound Studio

Environmental Defense Fund connects the dots

Environmental Defense Fund combines fun personalities like scientist Ilissa Ocko explaining hydrogen, with advice on getting green jobs, and a focus on tricky topics like how to decarbonize the aviation industry. EDF gets out in the world — with experts on the ground at all the big international events —  so following this account gives you a backstage pass to the world’s most important climate happenings too.

“Conveying accurate information in an engaging and comprehensible manner can help boost scientific literacy, foster public understanding, and encourage critical thinking,” says Elena Berryman, social media editor at EDF. 

The account errs on the side of positive so  if you like your climate news delivered with a dose of hope, you’ve come to the right place.

@envdefensefund We’re back at it again with the latest #goodclimatenews! Which story is your favorite? 💚 #greenscreenvideo #climatechange #climateaction ♬ Chill Vibes - Tollan Kim

Hope for a warming planet

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