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10 of the cheapest electric cars you can buy today

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Thought electric cars were only for the super-rich? Think again. 

In February, the average U.S. non-luxury car (including both gas and electric) retailed for about $44,700. But there are at least 10 electric cars that cost less than that. And three electric cars that sell for under $30,000. 

Federal, state and local incentives and rebates can also trim thousands of dollars off an EV’s sticker price. (Another pro tip: Leasing an EV might make you eligible for a larger federal tax incentive than buying one.)

In the market? Here are 10 electric cars you can buy on a budget.*

*All prices are manufacturer-suggested and include freight. Estimated ranges use EPA data. EDF does not specifically endorse any of the products featured in this article. 

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